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About Us


The Lady Gregory & Yeats Heritage Trail Group is a non-profit Community Group which was formed in 2011 following a public meeting in Gort.  The members come from a broad base of interests in tourism, heritage and culture.  New members are welcome.

The aim of the group is to raise awareness and greater understanding of the lives of Lady Augusta Gregory and W.B.Yeats, and their impact on the social and cultural life of our area. The Group brings together local sites with associations to Lady Gregory and W.B.Yeats, into a trail between the towns of Gort and Loughrea. 

The Group believes that there is potential for development of the area as a sustainable cultural heritage tourism destination.

We plan to have cultural events at the various sites throughout the year in an effort to provide a cultural experience along with the physical trail.


A very special “Thank You” to the following:

     – Sam and Joan McCready for their donation of all the proceeds of the productions of “Coole Lady” at Gort and Loughrea in 2012.

     – Sr. de Lourdes Fahy for the narrative in the video. 

     – Nicola Cahill of Coole for the harp music.







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